3D Photos of Guillaumet’s Tomb

Jamie and I had the great pleasure of visiting Paris’ Montmartre Cemetery in 2015. We only had a few hours but both of us were drawn to this tomb.

The below photos were taken with my 3D camera. Unfortunately, websites give poor options for 3D viewing. To see in 3D, click on the photos to enlarge to full screen then bring you nose close and move away slowly until you get the cross-eyed 3D effect.

Guillaumet's Tomb 1
Gustave Guillaumet’s Tomb in Montmartre Cemetery in Paris
Young girl from Bou Saadi, Tomb of Gustave Guillamet, by Ernest-Louis Barrias
Young girl from Bou Saada, Tomb of Gustave Guillaumet, by Louis-Ermest Barrias
Gustave Guillaumet's Tomb in Montmartre Cemetery in Paris
Gustave Guillaumet’s Tomb in Montmartre Cemetery in Paris

Barrias made numerous versions of this image. Some more can be seen here https://nl.pinterest.com/pin/428475352024550734/ and here https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Louis-Ernest_Barrias#/media/File%3ABarrias_La_Jeune_Fille_de_Bou_Saada.jpg

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