What Is A Befuddled Muse?

Thalia, Muse of Comedy
Thalia, the Muse of Comedy from the Sarcophagus of the Muse in the Louvre.

This site is all about poking our muses so they wake up and start inspiring us again. These creations are meant to be to exercises served up for challenge, for experimentation and for the sheer joy of creating.

The primary content is generated by “prompts” chosen on a rotating basis by our members. The prompts can be computer generated or created by individual members. Sometimes they can be crazy, sometimes they can be hard but always they will make us think.

A new prompt will be generated each month and our members will have the month to create whatever they want based on that prompt, be it a story, a painting, a sculpture. a musical composition or even a culinary creation.

We hope you have as much fun reading, viewing or even cooking these as we had creating them and hope you will leave comments or share our content on social media. We ask only that you respect our copyrights, give us credit and link back to the original post(s) on this site.

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