Author: William C. Kiraly

The Offering

The Offering By William Kiraly, November 2016 Prompt: The tomb of Gustave Guillaumet by Louis-Ernest Barrias Paris, France — May 1887 The rain tapped insistently on the skylights of Barrias’ studio. The sky was grey and he had trouble seeing his clay as he made the final clay for his bronze sculpture. Barrias didn’t know …

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Pea Soup

Pea Soup Prompt: Place: on a farm; Character: a court reporter; Object: a can of peas; Time: in the year 1991 by William C. Kiraly December 2014 I’m not a big a man, not a tough or scary guy so new roommate day was always an anxious day. My last roommie, Peter, was an annoying putz …

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Curved Space

Curved Space By William Kiraly December 18, 2014 Prompt: A Pizza delivery guy proposing to a spaceship captain “Earth Ship Neil Armstrong, Captain’s Log: September 9, 2437: If the chronometers can be believed, it is now 2637 Earth time, 2394 in our ship time. That means we’ve been asleep for over 120 years our time …

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