Author: William C. Kiraly

Something That Will Not Let Go

Something That Will Not Let Go By William Cohen-Kiraly 7/16/2017 Inspired by “Bury My Lovely” Performed by October Project Song written by Julie Flanders and Emil Adler Author’s Note: Be forewarned, this is a very dark, disturbing story. It involves cruelty and adult themes. The short quotes after each chapter are lyric fragments from the …

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The Offering

The Offering By William Cohen-Kiraly, November 2016 Prompt: The tomb of Gustave Guillaumet by Louis-Ernest Barrias Paris, France — May 1887 The rain tapped insistently on the skylights of Barrias’ studio. The sky was grey and he had trouble seeing his clay as he made the final clay for his bronze sculpture. Barrias didn’t know …

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